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Criminal Justice Questions And Answers


Answer each question in at least 75 words each answer.

Question 1:  Discuss the similarities and differences between murder, cults, and evil.

Question 2:  What are some of the parallels between criminology and victimology? How are they different?

Question 3:  Discuss the concept of victim blaming. In your opinion do victims contribute to their own victimization? Support your argument.

Question 4: What does a victim look like? Identify some of the characteristics and factors that influence victim selection.

Question 5:  What are the differences between sex offenders and sexual predators? Is one more dangerous than the other?

Question 6:  Serial murder by health care professionals is a poorly understood, but increasingly identified phenomenon. In your opinion, can this type of murder be prevented?

Question 7:  Because of the influence of victim’s rights advocates, every state now has a set of legal rights for crime victims in its code of laws, often called a victims bill of rights. What are some of these rights and why are they important?

Question 8:  In your opinion, is homicide ever justified? Has the line between self-defense and excessive force been blurred?

Question 9:  Twenty-six states currently have some type of stand your ground law. Discuss your position on justifiable homicide as it relates to the “Stand your Ground Law”.


Title: Criminal Justice Questions And Answers
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Question 1: Discuss the similarities and differences between murder, cults, and evil. 

Murder and cult are similar because cult encompasses the subjugation of humans for sacrifices due to beliefs. Murder and evil are both vices that are socially unacceptable and occur in secluded places. The difference between them is that murder involves killing a person unlawfully and it might not involve a group of persons, while cult comprises a group of people with a certain religious belief. Murder differs from evil since murder includes killing; evil is a perception by people as what might be evil to one, might not be to another.


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