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Criminal Justice


Write a two page paper discussing the connection between the news article and two studies. It must be clear how the news article and studies connect.

You may find that you can talk about both studies and their connection to the news article or you may have to make a connection for each study.

The parts of the paper will be:

  • Introduction – probably two to three sentences in length and will include the purpose of the paper.
  • Briefly summarize the news article
  • Make a direct connection between the news article and the studies. You will need to specify the details of the news article that support or do not support specific themes from each research study.
  • Conclusion – probably one to two sentences in length; summarizes main claim of paper
  • Include the URL to the news article at the end of your paper.

Submit your paper using the TurnItIn link in the Module 3 & 4 folder on the course website.

I strongly suggest that you use studies from different chapters to ensure you understand the many issues facing the courts. Many current events will represent issues in different areas. For example, a news article can be connected to the study on the guilty plea process from Chapter 2 and to a study on sentencing in Chapter 4.

  • Double-spaced; 12-point font; preferably Times New Roman
  • One (1) inch margins on top and bottom; sides can be up to 1.25”
  • All material taken from another author/resource must be cited (if not it is plagiarism and you will lose points). This includes textbooks, journal articles, lectures, websites, and other resources.
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia and other wiki type sources are NOT academic resources and are not to be used as references in this class!
  • The paper must be properly referenced using APA format – end of sentence reference generally looks like – (Smith & Jones, 2007). Within a sentence, the citation should be something like – Ahmad (2011) stated ....
  • A reference list must be included at the end of the paper (this is not part considered part of the page count). The reference list will be in APA format.
  • No more than 1 or 2 short direct quotes in the text, rather you should summarize and paraphrase information from other authors. If direct quotes are used these must be properly cited as well (author, year, p. ).
  • Do not use contractions
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph by 1⁄2 inch
  • Spell out the numbers nine and under; use digits/numerals for numbers 10 and over
  • Use the APA Publication Manual as resources for writing and formatting

Title: Criminal Justice
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Criminal Justice

            The making of judgments is an important undertaking by judges in the struggle to curb criminal offenses. The judges have the option of assessing offender’s risks as a way of predicting future criminal behaviors. However, at times it is possible that sentences experience an effect by the stereotypes of the so call dangerous offenders. The reading and article talk about the future predictability of criminal offenses by people. This paper seeks to bring an understanding of the concept through establishing a connection between he two readings. In addition, it gives a brief summary of the article, in light of the main theme under consideration.


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