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Crime Scene Analysis Profiling


Discuss the measures used by the FBI in the Crime Scene Analysis Profiling process, 3-4 paragraphs


Title: Crime Scene Analysis Profiling
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
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Crime Scene Analysis Profiling

Crime scene analysis profiling is a process in which the FBI carry out various investigative techniques aimed at providing the personality and behavioral traits of an offender. Crime scene analysis profiling is therefore carried out in a detailed chronological way.

First step, is provision of the profiling inputs. This entails the collection of materials relating to the case and their further assessment. Photographic evidence on the crime scene and victim, autopsy procedures, the background of the victim and other forensic information that are relevant to the crime scene are taken. This provides a guideline to the events that transpired before, during and after the crime (Douglas,Ressler, Burgess, & Hartman 416). Subsequently, the decision process models are designed. It would involve the arrangement of the profiling inputs in a consistent and comprehensive pattern.


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