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Communications 2 Pages

Creativity Oriented Or Collaborative Software Tools


Choose a creativity-oriented or collaborative software tool from from your own research. In a well-written paper of 600-800 words, discuss what the tool does and the creative and/or collaborative possibilities it opens up, including the implications for human thought processes, compared to creative and collaborative processes that preceded the digital era. Your paper must be formatted according to apa.


Title: Creativity Oriented Or Collaborative Software Tools
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



             With the marked changes in the business landscape and globalization, work has been executed by the use of collaborative tools in the midst of logistical and cultural challenges. Virtual team effectiveness plays a big role in ensuring flexibility in organizations hence maintaining the competition in this globalization era. Virtual teams are defined as groups of coworkers that are organizationally and geographically dispersed but assembled together by the use of telecommunication technologies to accomplish a particular task (Maznevski & Chudoba, 2000). The collaborative tools that enhance communications between the coworkers are made possible by the use of electronic mail, telephone, teleconferencing and collaborative writing. However, virtual team effectiveness has been made possible by the technologies advancement in telecommunication and computer.                                                                                         


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