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Marketing 9 Pages

Creation Of A Marketing Plan For A Fictional Product Or Service.


An effective way to help students learn about the principles of marketing is the actual creation of a marketing plan for a product or service. This project is designed to accomplish such a task.

Each student individually will decide on a brand new or “fictional” consumer product or service or idea or concept that they wish to bring to the UAE/GCC or International market. During the course of the semester each of the elements of the marketing plan, coordinating with the text chapter, will be due for review. See the attached schedule for when the specific information is due.

Each submission will be reviewed and presented with suggested areas for improvement, for more detailed study, or if acceptable, allow the students to proceed to the next phase in development.

  • Each student must get the approval from the professor on the choice of his topic and product or service in the beginning of starting the project.
  • All students must read the appendix 1 pages A1 to A10 in the text which shows a sample of a sample marketing plan project for sonic.

Please follow the same headings with your product or service and your final marketing plan project will have the following headings

  1. Executive Summary 
  2. Current Marketing situation 
  3. Market description 
  4. Features and benefits of product or services and Segment needs and corresponding 
features benefits 
  5. Product / service review 
  6. Competitive review 
  7. Channels and logistics review 
  8. Sample of competitive products/services and pricing 
  9. SWOT Analysis 
  10. Objectives and issues 
  11. Marketing strategy—positioning, product/service strategy/distribution strategy/Marketing communications strategy/ Marketing Research/ Marketing Organization.
  12. Action Programs 
  13. Budgets 
  14. Controls 
  15. Social responsibility marketing 
  16. Controls

At the end of the semester, each student is to present the entire Project marketing plan to the class. There will be a plagiarism check and the Project plan must not have unnecessary Photos pictures or other designs. 


Title: Creation Of A Marketing Plan For A Fictional Product Or Service.
Length: 9 pages (2475 Words)
Style: MLA


Dream Machine

            1) Executive Summary 

A dream machine is a device with a flickering light, which can affect the visual ability of an indivudual. This tool is used with eyes closed. The light from the device stimulates the nerves in the eyes, thus altering the functioning of the brain. The device contains holes on the outer covering and an inner bulb, which act as the source of light. As the device rotates, the hules allow light to pass through in intervals. This therefore produces an effect of flickering light. In using the device, the viewer experiences a bright light of complex pattern. The dream machine enables one to be in a state of sleep. However, the effects of the device may be quite intense and in order to avoid it, one should open the eyes. This device is being introduced into the international market in order to help individuals with brain malfunctions, restlessness, and eye problem. Although the market has other devices, that serve the same purpose, the dream machine is the most effective device so far. The product will enter the market through different penetration strategies such as seminars, data sheets, announcements, and print advertisements. Due to the polarity of the market, the entry of the product into the market will be easy with good marketing strategies employed by the manufacturer.

.           2)  Current Marketing Situation

Most people in the UAE and the rest of the world have eye problems due to the environmental conditions in the region. In other parts of the world, there are many people faced with stress and other related complications. The product will be available in all business stores dealing with medical equipment. A big market gap will be filled by the introduction of this device. The market also needs special practitioners that will be handling the devices, both in the business stores and in health care centers. There will, therefore, be training of all relevant individuals prior to the introduction of this product into the market and later into the hands of the consumer. By doing this, the delivery of goods and services will be smooth.


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