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Creating Problem And Solve It


Stress management final

Summer 2015

  • Complete a full stress management program for one of the following scenarios, involve all aspects of an individuals wellness, (Emotional, spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental), use as many of the techniques appropriate (benefits and risks)for the patient/client/friend/self, discussed in class.

Take a look at your personal life and create an effective stress management plan for you to continue to use throughout your life.

Patient comes to you withdrawn from many aspects of life, severe depression, with chronic back and neck pain. Underlying factor may be due to loss of their partner.

Client comes in with difficulty managing weight, extreme fatigue. Underlying factor maybe due to alcohol use as a method of “coping”.

Client comes in seeking advice on time management. Client is a student, works full time, and has a partner and two children. With all the positive that all of this brings to one’s life, client is finding no joy or appreciation in any of the factors of their life.

Take your time, be creative, and enjoy the idea of helping yourself or someone else improve all aspects of their /your life. It has been my pleasure to share my knowledge with you, thank you for sharing your time, perceptions, opinions, and lives with our class. Have some fun!


Title: Creating Problem And Solve It
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Weight Management

Weight management is a daily life issue faced by most people globally. Overweight people also have to deal with the extreme fatigue that lowers their urge to control their weights. Moreover, use of alcohol in coping up with the weight loss creates a setback in managing the weight and extreme fatigue. We always eat and drink food notwithstanding the risks we pose in controlling our weight. It makes individuals not to realize the essence of maintaining a standard diet and formulating other ways to avoid the excessive weight and extreme fatigue that will force people to usealcohol as a control measure. Hence, this paper addresses different ways that would help in negating alcohol use as a means of controlling excessive weight and extreme fatigue.


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