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Law 2 Pages

Courtroom Visit Report



One of the requirements of this course is that you visit a local courthouse to watch a trial.  You may choose to view a judge or jury trial, but you must be sure that you observe a substantive portion of the trial (i.e., opening statements, direct and cross examination of witness(es), argument of a motion or summations).  You may visit any courthouse that is convenient for you.  If you are unable to physically attend a trial, you may watch oral arguments presented to New York’s Court of Appeals (New York’s highest court). Example Youtube

Your paper must be typewritten, double-spaced and between three and five pages in length.  You must use a 12-point font and use one-inch margins. Your grade will be based upon the quality of your submission, including effective presentation and analysis of the issues presented.  

Your paper must include each of the following elements:

  • Description of the courtroom.
  • Statement of the facts of the case.
  • Statement of names of all parties, attorneys and judge.
  • If there was a jury present, describe the jury’s involvement and demeanor.
  • State the question(s) of law or issues presented.
  • State the decision, if any (if you were not present for the decision, note the decision you would have reached based upon the facts and evidence presented, as well as the reason(s) supporting your decision).
  • Note and explain the reasons for the Court’s decision.
  • Note and explain whether you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision.
  • Describe fully your experience, observations and your opinion of what you witnessed.      

Title: Courtroom Visit Report
Length: 2 pages (825 Words)
Style: N/A


Date/Time of Observation: November 18, 2015 (10:00 am to 12:00 noon)

Court: Monroe County Court

Name of the Case: Bartholomew v. Aerial Roofing

Presiding Judge: Gerald Judge

Assistant District Attorney: Prosecutor Pamela

Defense Attorney: Litigator Larry

Plaintiff: Bartholomew Josephs

Defendant: Aerial Roofing Company

Charges: The roofing company had been hired by Bartholomew but ended up using substandard materials and did shoddy job contrary to the contract agreement.

Description of the Courtroom

The courtroom was an organized and silent place where one could even hear people murmur. However, it was much smaller than I expected. This forced me to sit next to the family of the defendant, something that made me uncomfortable. The prosecutor held a large cart in his hand that contained physical evidence in plastic bags. The court did not have many spectators; even if they came, they would not have space to sit because the room already appeared full and occupied. The judge appeared to have everything in the courtroom under control. He spoke distinctly and clearly so that everyone could hear.


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