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Cosmetic Surgery: Reasons And Consequences


Discuss reasons for cosmetic surgery and its consequences


Title: Cosmetic Surgery: Reasons And Consequences
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Plastic surgery has recently increased in popularity, in America, and the whole world. It has the potential of making a person get better looks and pride in appearance. A successful surgery can add some confidence that translates into huge improvement steps in life. Many people are, therefore, seeking to perform the surgery to make them look better than before. Most people do not appreciate their looks, and hope that they can become happy through plastic surgery.

In the mind of a woman, the perfect definition of a woman is one who is young, thin and white. She has a general desire to attain and maintain her physical attractiveness. Statistics show that more people than is expected are carrying out plastic surgery. According to figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 14.6 million people performed plastic surgery in 2012 (Okopny 7). Botulinum toxin type A is the most common minimally invasive cosmetic surgery while breast augmentation the most common cosmetic surgery. The percentage number of people having plastic surgery in America increased by 5% in 2011; this shows a significant increase in the practice (Okopny 5). I find it important to point out this issue due to the many people carrying out plastic surgery in the present world. This paper introduces some background in plastic surgery, and the reasons for the high increase in plastic surgery cases.

Most people increase in beauty after undergoing plastic surgery. However, this is not necessarily a golden ticket to a good life and beauty. One is faced with a high risk of surgery failure. Some of the people who undertake it suffer pain because of failure of the surgery. Some of the patients cannot close their eyes after undergoing the process. They undergo through painful nightmares, and more surgeries have to be carried out to fix the problem. Sometimes, the problem might never be fixed completely (Leaper and Whitaker 474). A cosmetic surgery is not always completely successful. Failure of the surgery leads to painful suffering of the patient forever (Leaper and Whitaker 474). Most people only view the benefits that accrue from plastic surgery but not the negative consequences.


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