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Corporate Social Responsibility And Disclosure In Kuwaiti Listed Companies


Analyze the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate disclosure.

Explain how Corporate Social Responsibility is presented by the firms’ footnotes and disclosure.

Understand the behavior of the Kuwaiti companies regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility.


Title: Corporate Social Responsibility And Disclosure In Kuwaiti Listed Companies
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Style: APA


Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure in Kuwait Listed Companies

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate disclosure in Kuwait based companies. It will also explain how corporate social responsibility and disclosure is presented by the companies. In addition, the paper will help readers to understand the different behaviors of the Kuwait companies regarding the issue of CSR.

Corporations are aimed at achieving the best from their potential customers. They are also motivated to ensure that they maintain a competitive advantage to ensure that they remain relevant in the market. Companies also have self-regulatory mechanism that they use as a model to enforce polices that helps to run the company. Such mechanisms ensure that the business complies with the laws and regulations governing the operation of the particular business. Such policies include international norms and ethical standards that are incorporated in to the business operational model (Binh 2012). In this case, the CSR takes the responsibility for the corporate actions to highlight and address the impacts of the business on the stakeholders, investors, employees, consumers, and the communities surrounding the particular companies. It is the responsibility of the corporation to ensure that it gives back to the community to generate the impact it deserves and reputation from the society.


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