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Corporate Social Responsibility


1- Outline how Corporate Social Responsibility is measured: the key factors of CSR

2- Understand the purposes and process of Corporate Social Responsibility


Title: Corporate Social Responsibility
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Measuring Corporate social responsibility

Throughout the years, corporate social responsibility has mainly focused on the social environment and sustainability of the economy. In this, the sustainability aspect was originally viewed as a way of preserving the resources of the planet. Due to this, the world environmental commission on the sustainability of the environment published an action plan that was aimed for the same purpose of environmental sustainability. In the action plan, sustainability was described as an effort to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future and the ability of the future people in meeting their needs. Corporate social responsibility has therefore been a key figure in the determination of the behavioral characteristics in corporations. In measuring CSR, one follows a model, which includes three main factors. These include principle of social responsibility, processes of social responsibility and products or outcomes that are related to the firm. The principles of social responsibility are measured based on the requirements and obligations of the business.


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