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English 101 1 Page

Cornell Notes


Write a paper using the cornell notes





The Cornell Note-Taking System (modified):

Step 1: Record

In the wide column, record as many facts and ideas from the source as possible. Leave out unnecessary words. Use the key words only.  Grammar rules are ignored.  Write down a streamlined version of the article’s key points. 

Step 2: Reduce

Reread your notes and rethink the entire article based on your notes. Reduce each fact and idea in your notes to key words and phrases.  Column on the left write down cue words, the word or phrase that you extracted from the fact or idea. The key words or phrases will act as memory cues. In the column on the left, write down cue words.

Step 3: Recite

Cover up the wide column of your note sheet, exposing only the cue words or questions in the narrow column.  Read each cue word or question out loud. Then, in your own words, answer the questions, facts, or ideas indicated by the cue words.

Step 4: Recapitulate  

Recapitulation is a sure fire way to gain a deep understanding of facts and ideas in your notes, and reviewing summaries makes studying for exams a breeze. Take the time to summarize your notes, your understanding deepens—you have the whole picture instead of an assortment of facts. Write your summary in the space below the horizontal line at the bottom of the note sheet.  Summarize according to one of these plans: 1. Summarize the content of each note sheet. 2. Summarize the content of the entire lecture on the last note sheet for that lecture. 3. Do both 1 and 2.  The third option yields the greatest reward.  When you review your notes for exams, you'll be able to see the step you took to arrive at your final, lasting page summary.

Step 5: Reflect

Reflection is thinking about and applying the facts and ideas that you have learned. Reflect on the material by asking yourself questions such as these: What is significance of these facts? What principles are they based on? How can I apply them? How do they fit in with what I already know? What is beyond these facts and principles?


Title: Cornell Notes
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


The NHL games in Ottawa were presided by the Ottawa Senators. These involved Hockey games where the Philadelphia Flyers Rookie Steve Downie flew with the shoulders aimed at the head of his opponent. Amold lay motionless on an ice skater in what may be considered a good game gone bad. This led to Downie being suspended 20 games by the NHL for misconduct. It was determined that the misconduct was deliberate and against the ethical way of hockey.


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