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Copy And Plagiarizing


1. The topic is about copy and plagiarizing.

2. Key questions are why student want to copy or plagiarizing? What is the reason urge them to do that? What is the result that they copy or plagiarizing in their assignment, test or exam, and this action have what influence in their study, work and life?

3. If they did not do that, what will happen? Will lead to what consequence?

4. You can lead to educational problem.

5. Altman, Ellen and Peter Hernon, eds. Research Misconduct: Issues, Implications, and Strategies. London: Ablex, 1997.

The authors of this work define plagiarism as intentional appropriation of authorship of works of science or art, other people's ideas or inventions. Most commonly plagiarism is expressed in publications when an author’s name is replaced, as well as when fragments of foreign works are borrowed without specifying the source. Hence, the authors succeed in underlying that a mandatory feature of plagiarism is conscious attribution of authorship.

Anderson, Judy. Plagiarism, Copyright Violation & Other Thefts of Intellectual Property: An Annotated Bibliography. Jefferson, NC: McFarland 1998.

Ms. Anderson believes that a direct object of plagiarism is not content itself but the shape of the work, its outer shell. Consequently, the author states that only a deliberate appropriation of this deeply personal work may indicate plagiarism in the full sense of this word.

Atkins, Thomas and Gene Nelson. “Plagiarism and the Internet: Turning Tables.” English Journal 90 (2001): 101-104.

Mr. Atkins and Mr. Nelson devote their work to analyzing plagiarism as a new popular trend in the 21st century. According to their studies, plagiarism is the process of malicious misappropriation of intellectual property. Subject is a creator of intellectual products, and intellectual property is a direct product of intellectual work of a subject belonging to him according to his right of creation. Developing legal perspective, the authors outline main issues of plagiarism. 


Title: Copy And Plagiarizing
Length: 5 pages (1570 Words)
Style: MLA


Copy and plagiarizing


Plagiarism is a considered as a form of academic dishonesty and is punishable. One of the goals of education is to train people who are capable of doing scholarly work. Plagiarism defeats the attainment of that goal in students and that is why the offence attracts heavy sanctions. There are many reasons that make student plagiarize but the most important one is ignorance.


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