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Copper Location And Its Application In Building Construction


Write in detail about Copper
Location : Australia

It's application as structural element in building construction? Include; structural properties, reasons for its selection towards its application, including how the product satisfy the standard requirements etc.


Title: Copper Location And Its Application In Building Construction
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA



Introduction and Background Information

Copper is one of the metal earliest metals used by man from as early as the 7000BC. Native copper was mined by the Neolithic man who used it to substitute with stone since it is malleable allowing it to be shaped according to the needs of the early man. Copper is a widely applicable metal and has been in use from the past. Its application in the past and the present is significant to humankind (Mudd 2010, 98). The paper will, therefore, discuss in detail about copper’s location in Australia, its use in the building construction regarding its structural properties, why it is used, and finally, how it satisfies its standard requirements.


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