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Convenience Sampling Method


The most common sampling method is the convenience sample; therefore, many of the studies that you find for evidence use this sampling method.
What are the implications for using a convenience sample on the way you
interpret and use the findings?

What is the most effective nursing care delivery model and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen nursing care delivery model? Give specific clinical examples.

Discuss the two articles that you read from the Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-based Handbook for Nurses website. Give the title and the URL address for each article. How is theinformation in each article applicable to your practice?


Title: Convenience Sampling Method
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Nursing Assignment

Convenience Sampling Method

The convenience sampling method is easy to use, since it relies on available evidence and their proximity. Polit and Beck (2013) assert that convenience samples offer rich qualitative information, since they are source of verbatim comments on a specific topic. Further, the demographic profiles of the participants are often detailed, enabling nursing researchers to understand the research topic from the comments. Studies also show that convenience samples are appropriate for making accurate correlations (Polit & Beck, 2013). The correlation researches are accurate when applied to convenience samples because of their disproportion to target audiences rather than the relation between variables.


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