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Law 3 Pages

Contract Law & Agency Law (Singapore)


Analyse and evaluate decisions of reported cases critically to demonstrate an understanding of the legal principles learnt.

Apply Singapore case law and legislation to new situations to solve the problem or determine the most appropriate outcome.

Demonstrate the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.

Demonstrate well-developed written proficiency.

Question 1

(a) Identify and describe the two (2) main legal traditions in the world. Provide two (2) examples of countries in which each legal tradition may be found.

Select four (4) features from one legal tradition and compare and contrast with those of the other legal tradition.

You can conduct additional research on these two (2) legal traditions to support your answer.


(b) Select one (1) of the legal traditions mentioned in your answer to Question 1(a) and discuss why, in your view, it may be perceived as being more suitable for today’s rapidly evolving business environment. In addition to reviewing the textbook, you can also conduct additional research to support your answer.



Title: Contract Law & Agency Law (Singapore)
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Legal Traditions of the World 


The legal traditions of the world include civil law, common law, Talmudic law, Islamic law, Hindu Law and Confucian. These laws exist to regulate the contractual behavior of business partners, defining the necessary steps and remedies to be adopted in the case of any formalities in the business relationships. Civil law and common law are the major traditions of the world, and this paper is about the two laws and their use or adoption in societies.


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