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Continue The Story About A Hammock


1. Will attach a document with a story that you have to continue, please do not end the story since somebody else will be continuing the story after.

2. Please add a picture or quote that relates to something you said(not a picture of a hammock as we have already put one in)



Title: Continue The Story About A Hammock
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
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The Story About a Hammock

It was a bright sunny day. The sun was warm. The wind was blowing warm air. Once again, it was the perfect day for John to go read his favorite book outside, on a hammock. Not any hammock though. This one was located between two palm trees, near the beach, at exactly 8 walking minutes from his house. The hammock was hanging there as long as he could remember, and seemed to have no owner. A couple of years ago, John quickly became obsessed by that hammock and forbid anyone to use it. John started telling people it was 'dangerous', or even 'haunted'. He became a really good liar, and no one dared to approach it.


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