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Contemporary Od Practitioner Tools


The paper will include a broad overview of the methodology, an in-depth perspective of related to Organization Development and Change, and an application within a specific organizational context.


Title: Contemporary Od Practitioner Tools
Length: 9 pages (2546 Words)
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Contemporary OD Practitioner Tools


Organizational development is the process in which a specific organization develops its capacity so that it can achieve its mission by becoming effective in its activities. This [process enables the organization to sustain itself for a long time (Jackson J. C., 2006). Organization development depends on several pillars such as vision, mission, organizational structure, governance among others. This process is not an end in itself but an evolutionary process that should be given optimal attention by the organizational management team in order for the organization to maintain its capacity to adapt to new opportunities and circumstances thus assuring growth. The organizational development self-assessment tool was developed by a youth network in Canada amid questions raised through the Mines Action youth of Canada in which they were investigating the challenges and barriers that workers face at their workstation, which was an effort to ban landmines, and clustered munitions. The tools are used to assess different challenges as observed within the nine organizational pillars (Biech, 2012). Self-assessment criteria for excellence and performance enable an organization to achieve growth and high performance thus moving an organization towards performance excellence. Using the tool, an organization will be able to evaluate the different processes, their effects, and results. The self- assessment tool covers the areas of challenge and it is developed as a questionnaire with spaces for responses depending on the area of assessment. This paper looks at the self-assessment tool in details based on its use within an organization.


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