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Literature 5 Pages

Contemporary Modernism


Construct a focused, well-argued and organized essay that develops a thesis and demonstrates your critical engagement with the texts you cite. Essays should be between three and five pages. In her book "Living by Fiction," Annie Dillard examines many characteristics of "Contemporary Modernism." One of the major characteristics od Contemporory Modernism is what Dillard calls "narrative collage." Dillard writes, "Just as Cubism can take a roomful of furniture and iron it onto nine square feet of canvas, so fiction can take fifty years of human life, chop it to bits, and piece those bits together so that, within the limits of the temporal form, we can consider them all at once" (20-21). In other words, the narrative collage shatters time and fractures point of view in order to illustrate a world in which "nothing temporal, spatial, perceptual, or moral is fixed" (24). Examine at least three works of contemporary fiction/nonfiction and show how narrative collage informs the overall meaning of each work. For example, in "Wrestling Gene Simmons and Other Demons," Brandon R. Schrand uses footnotes as a way to bifuricate the narrative, which resonates with the KISS album cover that shows Simmons with a forked tongue. In splitting the narrative, chrand is able to highlight the concept of "doublespeak." Not only do KISS's song lyrics have double meanings, but, and more importantly, Gene Simmons and Schrand himself have split personalities. Thus, the use of narrative collage allows Schrand to show the complex nature of identity. Please use 3 of the following: Whitman: "Song of Myself" "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking" Gertrude Stein: "The Making of Americans (Intro)" Tender Buttons "Objects" T.S. Eliot "THe Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock" Hemingway: "Snows of Kilimanjaro" Joan Didion: "The White Album" "On Morality"  Jen Hirt "Monster Magnificent" Brandon Schrand "Works Cited" Eleven Ways to Consider Air" Allen Ginsgerg: "Howl" "Super Market in California" "Sunflower Sutra"


Title: Contemporary Modernism
Length: 5 pages (1487 Words)
Style: MLA


 Contemporary Modernism

Narrative collage is an art of literature that writers use in telling their stories. It can be in the form of a comparison between two unrelated things, symbols, allusions, satire among other tricks as we will able to see in the analysis of the following works of literature. Narrative collage is the key to understanding the story, poem or a song since everything that the writer intends to communicate is hidden in the collage. Different techniques are used by different writers; to bring out their message to the audience. This will be understood after the analysis of the following three works of literature.

"The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock”

T.S. Eliot in this poem identifies several allusions, which hold the meaning of the poem from other works of poetry. He uses allusions to put together works from different writers and bring out the meaning of the love song (Eliot, T. S 132). The poem is all about a young man who is determined to have a sexual encounter with a woman, but he is so afraid to say it. Eliot uses quotes from the Holy Bible as well as other pieces of literature from other authors to express the feelings of this young man due to his fear of expression.


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