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Consulting Proposal #2


The management of change in an organization is often led by an internal or external change consultant who leads change from a project perspective with a phased approach that includes the project definition, a diagnosis of the situation, recommendations for a solution, a plan for implementing the recommendations, and the actual implementation of the plan. 

You will prepare a consulting proposals based on the cases from the textbook assigned in Modules/Weeks 4-6 (Consulting Proposal 2). Proposal mustbe 850–1000 words and include at least the following 5 sections:

  • Definition of project
  • Diagnosis of current situation
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation plan
  • Summary

A sample/template for the proposals is provided in the Assignment Instructions folder. Each proposal must include a title and reference page formatted according to current APA requirements. You must use a minimum of 4 scholarly peer-reviewed sources plus the text. Write the proposal as if you are addressing the CEO or organizational leadership as identified in the selected case study. The overall narrative in the proposal must include significant emphasis on diagnosing the problems in the business with recommendations for relevant change. These recommendations must be supported with specific examples or sources. 


Title: Consulting Proposal #2
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Consulting Proposal #2

Definition of Project: The Young Change Agents

            The project goes out of its way to handle the challenges facing the change agents in their efforts to enhance grassroots changes. The project at hand is an undertaking to determine those issues that pose problematic situations to change agents. This hinders The Young Change Agents from undertaking their duties as anticipated. The project examines some of the challenges from the different sections in an organization to enable it to come up with the best remedies that the organization should consider for implementation (Goodman, Kurke, Argyris, Staw & Alderfer, 1982). 


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