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Construction Of Women Through Media Outlets


How does the media influence women’s perception of themselves?  Tie your answer in with the impact of Hollywood celebrity culture upon self-image of everyday women. 


Title: Construction Of Women Through Media Outlets
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Construction of Women Through Media Outlets

Since the inception of Mass Communication, the role of women has been very controversial. Overtime, mass media has changed. With that change, gender roles and construction have shifted as well. With evolution of fashion, diversity in media, beauty products, fitness, music, and everyday social life, the image of the ideal man and woman have become significantly unattainable (Serdar). With the medical filed involved, the idea of beauty can be met to an extent. Also, the internet has created a bigger issue for everyday people with the access to social media creating an outlet for people to criticize how people project themselves. If there is one, if not the biggest, idea to consider is celebrities and their appearance which effects how some women should be presented. With celebrities being world known women, they confuse and consistently change the idea of beauty through the media.


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