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Philosophy 3 Pages

Confucian Philosophy


Explain Confucius philosophy using your own words and examples.  Explain the ideas of filial piety, jen (ren), li, xiao, shu, junzi and the wu lun GIVE EXAMPLES of how each of these might be demonstrated.

How are these ideas supported in ###u/u###? Use quotes from Confucius to illustrate your claims.

 The Analects of Confucius (K'ung Fu-tsu) 

 Other points to consider:

  • How does the philosophy of Master Kung lead him to the conception of the chun tzu (junzi)?
  • In a manner similar to the agnosticism of the Buddha, Confucius remains unconcerned with metaphysical/spiritual concerns. Is this point of view useful, or is it defective in some way?
  • Why does Confucius' teaching emphasize ritual and filial piety so much?
  • State the ways in which adhering to such a philosophy might or might not allow an individual to live a good life.
  • Why do the Taoists, Mohists, and Legalists disagree with Confucianism?
  • Where do we see Confucian ideas/values reflected in modern Chinese culture?How might you see li or “ritual propriety” practiced today in the United States? In your family? The workplace? School? The government?
  • How could Confucian philosophy be applied to the presentation of one's “Self” on the internet, for instance Facebook profiles and status updates?
  • When have you seen a person being improper/disrespectful in a way that Confucius would condemn? Explain.
  • How is this philosophy similar or dissimilar to other schools of thought?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of Confucian philosophy?
  • Remember to first consider what the main idea of your essay will be and then touch on these questions as they fit into your discussion.

Title: Confucian Philosophy
Length: 3 pages (925 Words)
Style: APA


Confucian philosophy is one of the three main Chinese philosophies. It was named after a scholar and a bureaucrat Kongfuzi .His name was later Latinized to Confucius. It consists of five ideas that guide and define human relationships. The philosophies or teachings of Confucian were written in a book called the Analects. The five bonds that guide Confucian philosophy are: ruler and subject, parent and child, husband and wife, elder sibling and younger sibling, elder friend and younger friend. The relationship between the five bonds is guided by duty (li) which means proper behavior. For instance, it is the duty of subjects to be loyal to their ruler, whereas it is the duty of their ruler to protect them. The golden rule of Confucian is: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” ("Confucianism", 2016).


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