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Conceptualizing “Normal” And “Abnormal” Coping


Conceptualizing “normal” and “abnormal” coping (2-3 pages).

You have been introduced to 4 ways of conceptualizing normal and abnormal coping: mental disorder, psychosocial development, deviance, and social functioning. Which of these ways of thinking about normality and abnormality are the most helpful to you in thinking about Dan’s situation (presented on pages 146-147 of the Dimensions of Human Behavior Elizabeth D. Hutchison text)?

What is your rationale?


Title: Conceptualizing “Normal” And “Abnormal” Coping
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Mental Disorder

Dan as a student is going through situations affecting his relationship with his family and his friends. His mind conceptualizes that the family does not understand him. Dan is in his world and his mind; he feels that he has an amount of influence, which he does not have in the real world. When he tries to exercise the power, he feels as if people are looking down on him. People refused to follow his advice making him see them as the ones who did not understand whatever he was trying to tell them. The primary role of this paper is to consider his situation from the aspect of normality and abnormality through the conceptualization of mental disorder.


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