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Computer Science Field Of Interest


Write a brief essay describing the program you are planning to take or your field of interest; Computer Science


Title: Computer Science Field Of Interest
Length: 2 pages (715 Words)
Style: APA


My Field of Interest

Computer Science a field that is growing at a fast in the modern technology-oriented economy. The field considers the problem of the need to integrate corporate services and activities with information technology. Currently, many businesses are able to achieve their goals for globalization by utilizing the modern computer technology. Computer science is also a significant foundation for the establishment of e-businesses and online marketing. The field focuses on troubleshooting of information technology problems to ensure that organizations can interact with their employees and the customers by the use of updated computer technology (Díaz-Parra, Ruiz-Vanoye, Barrera-Cámara, Fuentes-Penna, & Sandoval, 2014). Computer scientists are responsible for designing, management, and upgrading corporate websites and networking so that businesses can easily interact with their customers via the internet. This paper discusses the field of computer science and why I want to be a computer scientist.


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