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Complimentary And Alternative Medications


Complimentary and alternative medicines and therapies are more frequent today than in previous years. Visit the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine website about definitions to complimentary and alternative medications and read it well. (Links to an external site.) Choose a complementary or alternative medication or therapy from the website and write on page

The paper should include a definition of the alternative or complimentary therapy (Ginger) and then describe the state of research on that particular topic. Finish with stating your opinion about whether you think it (Garlic) is an effective alternative or compliments traditional western medicine.

*****I have choose A Garlic as complementary or alternative medication

1- Summarizing the Current State Research

2- Well thought out opinion on the effectiveness of the treatment or therapy


Title: Complimentary And Alternative Medications
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Complementary and Alternative Medications

Garlic is one of the substances used as a traditional therapy. Questions have, however, risen over the suitability of the use of garlic as either complementary or alternative medicine. There have been intensive studies about the use of garlic in place of conventional medicine. The findings of the current research indicate that garlic has the potential to be used as a complementary therapy (Rivlin 713). However, the research did not show conclusive evidence to support the use of garlic as an alternative medicine. Garlic should, therefore, be used to complement the existing strategies of preventing and treating diseases.


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