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Comparison Of Characters In Two Plays




  • Write a short essay on a focused topic that requires you to analyze two plays of your choice: Antigone, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • The essay must have an argument-driven essay with a clearly stated thesis that you support with textual evidence from the two plays you choose.
  • No opinion (your claims should be backed by textual evidence) and no plot summary or character descriptions.
  • You want to interpret the text rather than just provide information.
  • Must include some direct quotes with citations in the parenthesis. For Antigone, you will cite the page number—(38); for the Shakespeare plays, you will cite act, scene, and line numbers—(2.4.59-60).


Compare and contrast characters from two plays (Antigone and A Midsummer Night’s Dream) in terms of their heroic agendas and choices (what is each woman or man willing to die for, and how do they go about putting their heroic plan into effect?) as well as the stances they take toward other main characters—to authority figures, to the people who love them, and to their relatives—as it relates to their heroism.

  • Antigone & Midsummer night’s dream
  • Choose Antigone as the essay hero.

For Example:

compare between Antigone &Hermia


Broke the law

Not afraid of death

Loved her brother-- protect her brother

Respect burial for her brother

More heroic àwhy? Because Antigone acts alone whereas Hermia follows Lysander.

Faced the authorityàwhat kind of words she is using?(back up with evidence form the play)


Broke the law

Not afraid of death

Love her lover

 Faced the authority à examples: “will”, “her sovereignty” “think”


Title: Comparison Of Characters In Two Plays
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Comparison of Characters in Two Plays

The play presents various characters with unique personalities. Antigone is the main character; she was destined to marry Haimon who was the son of the powerful Creon. The two were in love but the powerful family was against their arrangement. The king believes that his son cannot marry someone from the ordinary family and goes on to oppose their relationship. Unfortunately, Antigone goes on to hung herself because of the intimidations she receives from the king. 

Hermia, on the other hand, is a daughter to Egeu. Her beauty is undisputable, something that attracts a number of men including Demetrius and Lysander. However, she chooses only Lysander. The following discourse compares the characters of Hermia and Antigone. The two characters share a lot but some differences exist as well.


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