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​ Comparison Between Two Groceries



Practice observation, interviewing skills and to increase the student’s lived experience. 


Attend two food/grocery markets. Write a scholarly paper documenting the event comparing and contrasting the two markets and integrating course objectives. 

Go to a traditional food market (2429 East 15th Street) Compare it to; one of the following 

  • Las Americas Grocery 2415 East Admiral Place 
  • Nam-Hai Oriental Market 1924 S. Garnett, 
  • The Wild Oats Market, 1401 41st Street 
  • Laxmi Spices of India 5555 East 41st Street

What is/are the purpose(s) of each of these markets? Describe the environment Compare and contrast the products. How are they similar? How are they different?

Choose one product from each store.  In a claim and evidence format, state the effect each product could have one a person’s health. Support each claim with 2 pieces of evidence.

Attach two credible web sites that are directly related to the business or products.        


Title: ​ Comparison Between Two Groceries
Length: 2 pages (646 Words)
Style: MLA


Comparison Between two Groceries

I visited two traditional food market known as Las America Grocery in 2415 East Admiral place and the other one in 2429 East 15th Street. Both the traditional food markets are found in Tulsa. The food store 2429 East 15th Street people refer to it as Reasor, and located in an open environment where everyone can access it. It is a long St Lewis Avenue and near the University of Tulsa. Las America Grocery is a long Cross streets; near the intersection of E Admiral and N Lewis Avenue and its neighborhood is East Highland. The paper compares two groceries and the services they render to the community surrounding them (Perez 1).


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