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Comparing Musicians


Write an essay comparing the works of J.S. Bach from the early 1700’s and Franz Liszt from the 1800’s. They both were accomplished keyboardists. However, their styles were very different. Despite the vast differences, there are some overlapping similarities between these two musicians. * Explain how the two composers were similar and how they were different. * What cultural similarities did they share? * How was society different, thus creating distinctive musical styles. Make sure this is not simply a biography of the composers. Try using their most famous compositions. Focus the essay on their music.


Title: Comparing Musicians
Length: 2 pages (600 Words)
Style: APA


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)became famous outside the born place ofEisenach. siding genius of the Romantic Movement in music work. In the modern sense of orchestra, Liszt was the first orchestra master. Liszt worked in the very place where J.S. Bach had worked earlier, and this acted as an encouragement for Liszt to write for an instrument that Bach was famous for playing. 


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