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Literature 4 Pages

Compare And Contrast Romanticism And Realism


Compare and contrast Romanticism and Realism. You will do this by first explaining in your own words what each group of artists believed, what they found important/unimportant, and what they tried to show with their work. This means you will have to go and read what critics say on the subject. We will discuss this at length . Refer to the sources you used and prepare a works cited page so you can cite them.

You will identify and refer to examples from the material we read as well and/or any other you find on your own. For example, you might discuss how Twain, the realist, writes about blood, shrieks, dying children and “unoffending widows” while Emerson, the Romantic, speaks of “shots heard ‘round the world.” Choose at least six examples from the Realists and six from the Romantics


Title: Compare And Contrast Romanticism And Realism
Length: 4 pages (1205 Words)
Style: MLA


Compare and Contrast Romanticism and Realism

In brief, romanticism and realism are two competing concepts of art and culture. They have resulted in two different thoughts concerning the theories and practices that guide culture and art. The two have for a long time dominated the intellectual perception particularly in Europe. Of the two, romanticism emerged first followed by realism both focusing on different aspects of art and cultures. The two perspectives, despite their difference and obvious similarity, denoted a duration in which there was enlightenment flowing in the Europe, especially through disciplines such as painting, music, sculpturing, and literature. The two simply denote two perspectives of enlightenment, which Europe was experiencing. This paper seeks to compare and contrast romanticism and realism given certain literary texts.

Romanticism was a movement that focused on art, literature, and intellect, which rose to prominence in the 18th century. The movement’s ideals manifested extensively in visual arts, literature, music, education, and sciences. In various ways, it influenced politics, and its control gave forth to liberal and radical ideas. The movement drew its aesthetics from intense emotions such as dismay, terror, anxiety, and awe. Such emotions were integrated especially in dealing with the artistic beauty of nature (Twain 22). 


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