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Community Protection


Community Protection

According to your text, "your community can be made up of the group, the
agency, the profession, the neighborhood, or any other group that
involves more than the individual. It is up to each of us to actively
work on protecting the community because we are the source of its
survival" (Berton, 2014, p. 177). What is one thing you can do to
strengthen the profession and protect the community? Explain why this
one action on your part is so important.


Title: Community Protection
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



The community is composed of a variety of people. This is inclusive of the team, agency and the surrounding environment. Again, it is inclusive of profession. A profession is comprehended as a vocation aimed at providing better and quality service in the community. The professional is well trained and educated in the special field of interest. Therefore, community protection is a wide term. 


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