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Communications 3 Pages

Communications Theories Paper


Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that applies at least two interpersonal theories and one intrapersonal theory to your personal and/or professional life. For each theory you discuss, provide one example of how you have experienced the theory in your life. Be specific and provide examples, rather than providing generalities.

Consider these questions for each example:

What is the basis/definition of the theory you have experienced?

How did you experience this theory?

Was the communication experience effective?

Could it have been more effective?

In light of the theoretical elements of this theory, how might you communicate differently in the future?

Include at least two in-text citations and a full reference for the course text, Introducing Communication Theory.this


Title: Communications Theories Paper
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Communications Theories

According to Solomon & Theiss (2013), interpersonal communication occurs between two people or two groups with the aim of creating a rapport. In interpersonal communication, the actions of one person determine the response of other persons participating in the communication. Intrapersonal communication, on the other hand, refers to the communication within an individual (Dainton&Zelley, 2005). Dainton&Zelley (2005) further defines communication theories as any systematic summary about the nature of communication process. In addition to summarizing, the theories focus attention on other basic concepts of communication, clarify observations and predict the communication behavior.


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