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Communications 3 Pages

Communications Discussion Questions


Discussion questions

What is the connection between self-disclosure and intimacy?

What is “reciprocity”? What is the role of reciprocity in the development and maintenance of intimacy?

What does the author’s definition of uniqueness in this chapter? How does he describe uniqueness?

 Since immediacy behaviors are essential components of many relationships that are not intimate, including teacher-student and supervisor-subordinate relationships, what makes immediacy behaviors different in intimate relationship?

 What has been the basic finding about men’s and women’s commitment to their personal relationships?

How thoroughly are you persuaded by Qualman’s argument that “wasting time on Facebook and social media actually makes you more productive”?

Do you think your own use of social media has made you more affective or a less effective communicator overall?


Title: Communications Discussion Questions
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Chapter 8: Discussion Questions

What is the connection between self-disclosure and intimacy? 

In interpersonal communications, self-disclosure and intimacy are closely connected in that; self-disclosure refers to the act of making oneself entirely known to others through communication. In intimate relationships, partners expect to know a lot about the private life of their partner. Self-disclosure develops the feeling of trust, deep friendship, and warmth among intimate partners which facilitates interactions and special relational states that defines intimacy. Intimate relations occur in the closest relationships such as the ones depicted by intimate couples. On the other hand, self-disclosure also occurs between closely related people. It can be related to self-description but self-disclosure is related to more private, confidential, and sensitive information regarding to an individual. In this case, the private, sensitive, and confidential information is in many cases related to intimacy.


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