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Communications 4 Pages

Communications And Interpersonal Relationships


Think of an interpersonal relationship that you have or have had with someone.  This could be a family member, friend, or romantic partner.  In 3-4 pages discuss any of the following: different facets of the relationship, different dimensions, or different stages of the relationship (including: how you know you were at that stage, and a major conflict in the declining stage). Any content within the book is fair game as a way to d reflect upon and explicate your own relationship. Make sure you clearly outline what concepts you will be utilizing in your paper. Format will vary depending on your concepts you use from the book.

Make sure that the paper conforms to the standards explained in the syllabus.  Please review your previous papers for writing tips as well. 


Title: Communications And Interpersonal Relationships
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Communications and Interpersonal Relationships


Communications play a very crucial role in any relationship be it intimate or business related. How people communicate determines how effective their relationship is. It also determines how close one can be with another person or a group of people. Besides this, the type of relationships people have with one another is largely dependent on the type and level of communication. For inter-personal relationships, communication determines whether a relationship will last or not. This essay describes the various stages of a relationship between two people. In so doing, I will describe my personal relationship between me and my girlfriend. The level and frequency of communication determines how close people in a relationship can be.


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