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Communications 5 Pages

Communication In Romantic Relationships


Write your review with reference to the flowchart/bulleted list you have created – you will find that this makes it easier and faster than a “stream of consciousness – whatever comes to mind approach..

Should be in essay form, i.e., written in paragraphs with adequate headings and sub-headings

Keep your APA book + a writing/composition/grammar book handy, so that you can correct language errors as you write. If you keep wait to edit until you finish writing the text, it might become unmanageable

Add the citations of authors within the text as you write. You can construct the references list in the end.

Keep your graded LRP 1 and 2 papers handy, so that you can incorporate any corrections I may have suggested


Title: Communication In Romantic Relationships
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Communication in Romantic Relationships

Communication is the means by which one individual relays information to another. Communication is part of every relationship that individuals have: romantic, family, work, friendship, etc. Through communication, an individual is able to express their opinions, ideas, feelings, and thoughts. There are different mediums of communication that are available in the world today. Additionally, it is essential to note that communication has changed significantly over the centuries. This extreme change can be attributed to the development of technology and the modernization of the world. Communication in romantic relationships is different depending on the culture, beliefs, and generation of the people involved in the relationship. These variations in communication in romantic relationships can also be attributed to the advancements in technology. Conflicts are part of relationships and can have a negative or positive impact on the relationship depending on the resolution mechanism applied. Communication is vital in resolving conflicts and couples in a relationship can use it to stabilize the relationship.


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