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English 101 2 Pages

Commodity Fetishism Of Makeup Products And Services


PROMPT:   Write about 8 pages in answer to the following:

Philip K. Dick said that the science fiction author is “a dreamer with one eye open, always coldly appraising what is actually going on.”

How does Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake appraise American life today? What realities of American life does her fictional narrative pick out for attention? What does the novel contribute to our understanding of the present?

The essay should be basically about connections between Oryx and Crake’s examples and present days examples.

Its very important to use Debord’s quotations to explain

My topic:  commodity fetishism of make up products and services leads females to disobey the nature growth in order to keep their beauty(its alternative.)

Materials should include :

  • Quotes and examples from Oryx and Crake
  • Examples: Nooskins
  • (please see attached pictures)

Guy Debord ‘s quotes 

use at least 6 quotations from These1-These72 to demonstrate the ideas : Society of the Spectacle

Please also use these quotations:

Dines, Gail. Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our sexuality

We are social beings who construct our identities within a particular set of social, economic, and political conditions, which are often not of our own making” (Dine101)

The fetishism of commodities reaches moments of fervent exaltation similar to the ecstasies of the convulsions and miracles of the old religious fetishism. The only use which remains here is the fundamental use of submission.(Debord 67)

The world at once present and absent which the spectacle makes visible is the world of the commodity dominating all that is lived. The world of the commodity is thus shown for what it is, because its movement is identical to the estrangement of men among themselves and in relation to their global product.(Debord 37)

This is the principle of commodity fetishism, the domination of society by “intangible as well as tangible things,” which reaches its absolute fulfillment in the spectacle, where the tangible world is replaced by a selection of images which exist above it, and which simultaneously impose themselves as the tangible par excellence.(debord36)

The victory of the autonomous economy must at the same time be its defeat. The forces which it has unleashed eliminate the economic necessity which was the immutable basis of earlier societies. When economic necessity is replaced by the necessity for boundless economic development, the satisfaction of primary human needs is replaced by an uninterrupted fabrication of pseudo-needs which are reduced to the single pseudo-need of maintaining the reign of the autonomous economy. The autonomous economy permanently breaks away from fundamental need to the extent that it emerges from the social unconscious which unknowingly depended on it.(Debord 50)

3.examples of present-day

  • Bio make up products (commodity fetishism);plastic surgery; etc in order to stay young, females disobey the natural growth , its dehumanize
  • Commodity advertising exaggerate the efficiency of the products
  • Social values of women : focus on outter beauty rather than inner beauty.

4. The Beauty Myth

“Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only the relations of men to women, but the relations of women to themselves”

John Berger, Ways of Seeing.

“The beauty myth tells a story; The quality called ‘beauty’ objectively and universally exists. Women must want to embody it and men must want to possess women who embody it. This embodiment is an imperative for women and not for men, which situation is necessary and natural because it is biological, sexual and evolutionary: Strong men battle for beautiful women, and beautiful women are reproductively successful.

Women’s beauty must correlate to their fertility, and since this system is based on sexual selection, it is inevitable and changeless.

None of this is true. ‘Beauty’ is a currency system like the gold standard. Like any economy, it is determined by politics, and in the modern age in the West it is the last, best belief system in a vertical hierarchy according to a culturally imposed physical standard, it is an expression of power relations in which women must unnaturally compete for resources that men have appropriated for themselves.

‘Beauty’ is not universal or changeless...

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women (NY: William Morrow and Co., 1991), 13-14.

Instructions:- instructions.docx


Title: Commodity Fetishism Of Makeup Products And Services
Length: 2 pages (2200 Words)
Style: MLA


Commodity Fetishism of Makeup Products and Services

 Over the last decade, women have found their looks to influence their lifestyles. People give more attentions to women who have taken time to make themselves look good with make-ups. This move has shaped the women behavior and conduct, as they take much time to beautify themselves as opposed to other activities. At times, they put their crucial business aside only to take much time and make themselves beautiful. One would say that these alliterations and changes result from cosmetics and the invention of technology especially regarding genetics. According to cosmeticians, a woman is always admirable depending on her appearance. This implies that when a woman does the makeup, she is attractive to many people including her fellow women. Because the make-up products and services take time, some people nowadays perceive the women to disobey their nature growth just to keep their beauty. In reference to these facts, the following essay seeks to discuss the influence of commodity fetishism of make products and services in regards to the way ladies disobeys the nature grown in order to keep their beauty. In order to discuss this ideology well, it is vibrant to use quotes and examples from Oryx and Crake, as well as Guy Behord.


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