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Colorado Carpet Installation, Inc. Petitioner


Write a paper on Colorado Carpet Installation, Inc., Petitioner vs. Fred Palermo Zuma Palermo, Respondents.


Title: Colorado Carpet Installation, Inc. Petitioner
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Colorado Carpet Installation, Inc., Petitioner,
Fred Palermo Zuma Palermo, Respondents.

Issue 1:

  • Has the petitioner, Colorado Carpet, stated a claim for failing to offer the service? No.
  • Does the petitioner, Colorado Carpet, have the contact protected by the court? No, because the contract was for the sale of goods and not services; therefore, it was not valid for protection under the law.
  • The Washington laws pertaining to contracts involving goods and services emerge from the Frauds, Statute of 185, and Contracts within Statute necessitating them to be interpreted by those laws.

 The uniform sales act defines goods as all the things up to including the manufactured goods, which are tangible and moveable from a physical location at the moment of identification to the sale contract other than excluding the money in which there is a definite payment of the price and investment securities. At this point, a service pertains


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