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Collaborative, Therapeutic, Culturally Safe And Competent Practice In Nursing Care


Collaborative, Therapeutic, Culturally Safe and Competent Practice in nursing care


Title: Collaborative, Therapeutic, Culturally Safe And Competent Practice In Nursing Care
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Cultural safety plays a paramount role in a good Australian nursing care, especially when it comes to taking care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia(Berman et al., 2014). Indigenous people have come a long way to be independent like today. They have suffered from colonisation in the past that results in disparities in the socio-economic situation, health care and human rights. Understanding of where do they come from and what means most tothem that will help a nurse able to give a competent cultural care for Indigenous people in Australia.

In health aspect, notably, the life span of the Indigenous is recorded as ten years shorter than non-indigenous Australians. These figures were believed due to the high rate of smoking, poor nutrition and late diagnose in cancers. Among the victims, there is a 39 years old, end stage cervical cancer woman called Pam, and she wishes to go back home. 

This essay will address cultural aspect in approaching Pam’s wills, the reasons why does she want to return home will be investigated and detail of Pam’s discharge will be explored.


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