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Coke Company Social Media Campaigns


Each student will be presenting their Case study of one of the following social media campaigns for the following companies.

I chose Coke (share a coke)

The reason I chose Coke is It is the most desirable soft drink around the world. It is sold everywhere in restaurants, grocery stores, vending machine. They have more than ten flavors. It is the most valuable brand based on the best global brand study of 2011. It has an ancient history since was introduced in 1886.

In this project, how did Coke company use social media campaign, and what they do to create a different way to reach their costumers through social media.


Title: Coke Company Social Media Campaigns
Length: 5 pages (1434 Words)
Style: APA


Coke Company Social Media Campaigns 


The paper discusses various ways that the Coca-Cola Company uses the social media campaign to reach out to their customers. It is done by highlighting the different marketing strategies and promotion plans that the company uses to ensure that people all over the world are informed on the presence of the Coca-Cola company products in any part of the company. The company is known to have branches in almost all the continents and has emerged to be a company that produces one of the most recognized soft drink brands worldwide.


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