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Cloud Computing


Find 3 credible and different definitions of cloud computing. You may not use your textbook, any dictionary (print or online), or wikipedia (or any site that contains "pedia" in the name).  Submit all 3 definitions and full documentation of the source.

Write your own original definition of cloud computing.  I am looking for a very basic definition that would make sense to someone with zero technical knowledge (for example, consider whether the definition would make sense to someone in your grandparents' generation).


Title: Cloud Computing
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Cloud Computing

Many definitions have been advanced to explain the termCloud computing. Cloud in this context,has been used as a synonym for the internet. This metaphor dates back to the days when most presentations that sought to elucidate on internet networking structure, employed the images and contours of the cumulonimbus cloud receiving connections and in turn churning out information to the users. Computing is the process of systematic storage and retrieval of information within the computer.


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