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Cleveland Hopkins Airport (Ohio)




  1. Check the LIST for the topics for the Final Research Paper. Print your name in the space of the topic that you choose to report on. It will involve a significant construction project, generally an antiquity from hundreds of years ago.
  2. Summarize the event by reporting such things as WHEN and WHERE it occurred, the SIZE, the CIVILIZATION that built it and the CULTURE that was prevalent in the era, and any other pertinent information concerning this contribution to the built environment.
  3. Report on HOW it was built, based on your own research and understanding of what was available. You should comment on such items as: the MATERIALS used; the METHODS, TOOLS and/or EQUIPMENT used; and the LABOR FORCE at the time. (Hint – this part is at least 25% of your grade) 
  4. Lastly, I would like each of you to give your best analysis of how you think such a structure (whether it be a building, road, dam, canal, bridge, etc.) would be built IF IT WAS BUILT TODAY! Speculate, be creative, make a lot of assumptions - whatever it takes! (Hint – this part is at least 25% of your grade) 
  5. The minimum number of pages in the body of the report is 10 (this number does NOT include the title page, abstract or reference page!). The report is to be computer generated, 12-font, 1” margins, double-spaced with page numbers in the lower right corner. Any sketches, photos, etc., will be counted in the page count - up to a point!
  6. A Bibliography is mandatory. A minimum of three references are required and a minimum of two references must be from sources other than the internetYou also must indicate in the text where each of the references are being cited or quoted. Use MLA format for references – see the MLA Guidelines document under “Assignments” on the CON101 web page. 
  7. Note: DO NOT put the paper in a folder or binder. But you MUST have a cover page, and then a
  8. 100-word (maximum) Abstract, titled "Abstract," on a separate sheet
  9. The report will be due during the week shown on the syllabus. Check with your instructor on the exact day. Papers are due at the beginning of class - There will be absolutely NO exceptions.
  10. Remember to submit a "hard" copy in class AND send a "soft" copy to [email protected] When you send your file use the following naming convention: lastname_firstname_topic.doc

For example: Smith_John_Golden Gate Bridge.doc 

Point value for this Final Research Paper is 250 points. Remember – get it “write” the first time – no re-writes. Double check your work. Don’t do it the night before it’s due! Spelling, grammar and content all count – you must address all three!


Title: Cleveland Hopkins Airport (Ohio)
Length: 10 pages (2750 Words)
Style: MLA


Cleveland Hopkins Airport (OHIO)

The Cleveland International Airport was commissioned in the year 1925 as the first airport in the United States to be under a municipal authority. Before that year, it had been used for a different purpose other than being a passenger-based airport. The United States Airmail had been using it as a stopover for transit of parcels and other similar based cargos. This was majorly due to the high cost of air travel back then meaning people could use air transport. However, the well off in society started using it and after subsequent years, the necessity for passenger transportation via that airport led to its commissioning to the status it is up to date. The airport has impressive facts and features, which define and distinguish it from other airports. It represents the actualization of fits that seemed impossible to be implemented in any airport during the era it was built and improved. This article precisely examines Cleveland Hopkins Airport from a broad perspective.    

When one travels by air, the beauty of the structures around him/ her enhances their travel experience. At this time and age, countries and states have mega structures that include technologically enhanced airports. They are not only designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of a traveler’s experience, but give them the beauty and expertise that is in engineering. The work behind the scenes of these structures requires precise and correct calculations to ensure the lifespan of the same is both long and appealing to the viewer (Ashford 24). Cleveland Hopkins is one such wonder that may not be jaw dropping now, but played the role well during its days of glory and design premiers. From the time of its commissioning, a lot has been improved on the airport making it be a reference point to other airport designs. It had the first air traffic control tower, the first air radio control, the first airfield system among other fetes.


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