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Classification And Division Essay: College Pressure


Classification and division essay.

The essay must include all the things listed in the outline below: There are three types of pressure: 

  1. Pressure of personal matters, for example: Family, money.
  2. Pressure of location, for example: Weather, culture. 
  3. Pressure of studies, for example: preparing for exams, Grades, Struggle for morning classes.

Title: Classification And Division Essay: College Pressure
Length: 3 pages (855 Words)
Style: MLA


College Pressure

Getting through college is tasking for most individuals due to the pressures associated with higher learning. Apart from the actual studying, the environment, parents, ambitions, expectations from the society as well as the requirements from the labor market act as stress triggers to students. They are therefore, viewed as pressures in the lives of these students. Most students are in college so that they can pave way for a better future. This anticipation is by itself a causative agent of pressure. These pressures have common denominator and thus can be put into categories that will be outlined below. Most students can categorize these pressures into three major groups. These are pressures due to personal matters, location, and studies. Despite the commonality in these categories, it is vital to note that each of them affect the life of the student differently as it will be seen in the discussions segment.


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