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Classical Liberalism

Classical Liberalism


This the question which only needs to be answered :After you read and view the Module Three materials corresponding to what is an ideology, John Locke and Classical Liberal political ideology and Burke and Classical Conservative political ideology,  

Discussion question #1 Module Three: Would you prefer to live as a citizen in a Lockean social contract or would you prefer to live in a Burkean state? Discuss how these two ideal states differ? Explain why you'd choose to live in one over the other. ---You must choose one of these two options.


Title: Classical Liberalism
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Classical Liberalism

I would prefer to live in theBurkean state rather thanin the Lockean social contract. This is because the Lockean statebelievedthat human rights were indisputable; and that the government authority should fall under God’s rule. It was rather self-centered since it specifically targeted individualism as opposed tothe Burkean state that focused on the political rule. The Burkean state wanted to have jurisdictionupon the principles governing the rights of the civil society. In Lockean state, the government would act impartially on its citizens’ matters upon their consent unlike the Burkean state whereby justice was to be varied depending on the particular instance through prudent combination of the constitutional law and the natural law.


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