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Cj333 Assignment 7 Pt 2


Create a 8 slide presentation in PowerPoint® that provides at least
three statistical data points that you consider critical to increase
society’s awareness about the serious issues related to child abuse. One
of the data points should be from your residential state. The others
can be national statistics. Include why knowing this information is

•The statistical data should come from at least three (3) different, credible sources, and cannot be more than 3-years-old.

•The data source, including date must be clearly identified with each statistical data point.

•Your slides should have large legible font size and appropriate color
use. Consider including other enhancements such as photos, charts,
graphs, etc.


Title: Cj333 Assignment 7 Pt 2
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Style: APA


›Child abuse has become rampant 

›In United States, the statistics on child abuse is increasing

›Many children are placed on protection systems

›The children suffer from emotional instability and trauma


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