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Civil Rights Movement


Write an essay that investigates the early Civil Rights Movement. Also, did the "early" Civil Rights Movement change fundamentally after 1965 with the increasing importance of thinkers like Malcolm X and organizations like the Black Panthers?


Title: Civil Rights Movement
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Every time a society feels deprived of their rights, they come out all guns to fight for them. This is what we call crusading for civil rights.  Civil rights go from the labor rights, marriage to the most complex situations of racism and policies against other communities. The crusade for human rights has been in existence ever since human beings realized that others got exceptional treatment. In the society of Americans, the existence of the sidelined women and the black community saw an enraged outcry from the black and women rights crusaders all in a bid to rid themselves of the imposing figure of the White men. 

Civil rights movements began as early as the 19th century, but the most notable organizations came into being the 20th century. One such movement NAACP written fully as National Association for the Advancements of Colored People came into existence. After its inception, the organization ran crusades in the United States acquiring the status of a leader in the civil rights environment of the USA. The organization won many notable cases. Some of them include the case involving Buchanan ‘s voting rights against the state of Kentucky in 1917 and a case that regarded segregation in Kentucky at Jim Crow.  Thurgood Marshall came in and obtained other major victories in the field of desegregation of schools in many parts of the Country.


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