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English 101 4 Pages

Civil Liberties Vs. National Security


Is it justifiable to violate certain civil liberties in the name of national security?

For example; should the government listen to our phone conversations or monitor our emails for national security purpose?


  1. Topic for argumentative assay 
  2. Use an academic source
  3. Do not use lots of academic vocabulary

Title: Civil Liberties Vs. National Security
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Civil Liberties vs. National Security

Striking a sense of balance between preservation of human rights and national security is perpetually becoming a backbreaking challenge for countries’ local security agencies. Human rights movements in the United States were the founders of human rights and civil liberties that were fiercely clamored for during the Second World War where people were treated in a vile manner without fear of repercussions (Ignatieff, 2001). The tragedies of the Holocaust further reinforced the agitation for these rights. The ultimate signing and enactment of different human rights acts by UN General Assembly in Paris conferred particular inalienable rights to all humans, which were to be secured and protected by every government as a prerogative.

However, ever since a spike in the spate of terror related activities across the world, security agents who justify their action to threats on national security have compromised these inviolable rights. This is especially evident after the despicable terror act of September 9/11 in America. Immediately, America sent it troops to Afghanistan to rid off the Taliban marking the initiation of negotiation of the line demarcating the space of human rights and that of security. Numerous human rights have been disregarded ever since through uncomplimentary acts such as intrusive surveillance and spying and torture of terror suspects (Donnelly, 2003). In a bid to counter espionage, Americas Secret Service has resorted to notorious means of employing wiretaps in residences of persons they purport to be suspect. With the divulgence to the public of such techniques that breach the right to privacy, the FISA act that drew the barrier between surveillance and right to privacy was enacted in 1978. Extremes were allowed only after a court granted permission through a court order.


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