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Civil Engineering Jargon


1. Choose a technical term from your major (Civil Eng) or future profession.

2. Write a parenthetical definition, a sentence definition and a short expanded definition of the term. This assignment requires that you write in your best style in sentences and paragraphs.


Title: Civil Engineering Jargon
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Civil Engineering Jargon

Shoring is a common term used among engineers but may sound complicated to a layman or a novice fellow. Shoring is a temporary process of supporting a building, a structure, a trench, or a vessel with props so that it can remain safe until it can be able to support itself. The short definition of the term is props made of timber or metal required to support a structure considered unsafe. Civil engineers design shores according to their desired use. The shores may be placed horizontally, vertically, or angled depending on the structure that requires support. 

Additionally, the props can be of different sizes and strength depending on the scale of weight that they need to support. On the same lens, an engineer may decide to increase the number of props to provide sufficient support. Shoring is highly applicable during installation of house foundations and in trenches during an excavation process to safeguard the workers and enhance the excavation speed. In many instances, laymen have confused shoring with shielding. While shielding is designed to protect workers when collapse has occurred, shoring is meant to prevent the collapse from happening.


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