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Christ And Culture Review Essay


Introduction to Richard Niebuhr’s book, Christ and Culture, and get an overview of the 5 main approaches to Christianity and Culture: Christ against Culture, Christ of Culture, Christ above Culture, Christ and Culture in Paradox, and Christ Transformer of Culture.

This review essay will give you an opportunity to more deeply explore 1 of these approaches. You will choose whichever approach you like the best and write a critical review of the chapter in the book that discusses that approach (Chapters 2-6 are each about one of these approaches). Choose a “type” and write a 1000 – 1500 word (approx. 4-6 pages) essay that answers the following questions about the chapter:

  1. Summarize the most important points about this type.
  2. What is the biblical justification for this type?
  3. What does Richard Niebuhr think is good about this type? What does he think is bad about this type?
  4. What aspects of this type do you think are best? What do you disagree with?

Title: Christ And Culture Review Essay
Length: 4 pages (1151 Words)
Style: APA


Christ against Culture

Summary of the Important Points in the Approach

In Christ and Culture, Richard Niebuhr discusses important approaches and types of association between Christ and culture. In one of the approaches in the book, the author discusses the contradiction between Christ and culture in what is entitled as ‘Christ against culture.’ The approach affirms the authority of Christ over cultures and rejects the claim to cultural loyalty. In this perspective, one cannot be loyal to Christ and culture and the same time. When one becomes faithful to Christ, he or she appears to rejects the cultural nature of the society and vice-versa. There is a clear division between being a faithful believer of God and being an earthly person (Niebuhr, 1975).


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