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Choose one pop-culture hero, superhero or villain, a

Choose One Pop Culture Hero, Superhero Or Villain, A

  1. Choose one pop-culture hero, superhero or villain, and identify one ethical issue this figure typically has to tackle.
  2. Relativism
  3. Virtue Ethics
  4. Utilitarianism (Consequentialism, Teleology)
  5. Kantian Ethics (Deontology)
  6. Feminist Ethics
  7. Care Ethics
  8. Egoism
  9. Nihilism
  10. Postmodernism
  11. Imagine and include what might be the actions, thoughts, or words the superhero could perform or utter from each particular ethical stance. Every slide should have a specific quote from the hero/heroine and an explanation of how this relates to the corresponding theory.
  12. What might be the consequences or aftermath of acting from each particular stance for your chosen pop figure? 
  13. Don’t forget to include this, along with a variety of unique and colorful graphics for each slide. (*OPTIONAL I CAN DO THIS AFTER*)
  14. Citations and References: You should have citations on every slide (Author, Date) for the definition of each theory, for your quotes, and also a reference slide at the end.
  • Create a minimum of a ten-slide PowerPoint with colorful graphics and easy-to-read font on each slide.
  • Logically organize your ideas (you should first identify how the figure typically responds to the issue and what ethical theory typically dominates this figure’s reactions.
  • Ensure that the analysis and description of each of the various ethical theories are accurate.
  • Include one direct, substantial quotation from each our readings for each of the different ethical theories you’re explaining (*I WILL GO THROUGH AND DO THIS PART AFTER*)
  • Be sure to include an APA reference page at the end.

Title: Choose One Pop Culture Hero, Superhero Or Villain, A
Length: 12 pages (1200 Words)
Style: APA


He dealt with war on terrorism- problems

which readers encounter on their daily basis.

In his works, Peter David and artist Will

Sliney forced their protagonist, Miguel O’Hara,

to confront the brutal and ugly reality of

terrorism after he was caught in an explosion

he believes destroyed the life of Tempest, the

woman he loved. The search was to bring

down the perpetrators of the bombing.


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