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Choices For A Better Future Sustainability


Text Book:

Karr, S., Houtman, A. & Interlandi, J. (2015).

Environmental Science for a Changing World Second Edition.

New York, NY: W.H. Freeman & Company. ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-6220-6  

Read the rubric below to earn maximum points possible!

Each of your textbook chapters has a "Bring It Home" conclusion naming personal choices you can make to help our world be more sustainable. Please list at least 3 personal choices, from any of 3 different chapters (one each per chapter) that have meant the most to you, and explain how you can personally make lifestyle changes that will have an impact on sustainability. What challenges do you face with these changes? For instance, if you want to use more public transportation, are the schedules and routes adequate? If you want to be a vegan, do you have the support of your roommates, friends or family who may be enthusiastic carnivores? Do you have international efforts underway, or want to start or join a larger movement? Choose three ways you can personally be more sustainable, and if you've already made some changes, write about challenges you've faced to make these changes and/or rewards you experienced.

You must answer within a word-count (no less than 200 words, maximum count 350 words for entire essay, citations do not count towards the wordcount), citing material from the course content, and using proper English grammar. A minimum of three different reference sources from the course content (at least one text reference and at least one course video reference) are required to support your ideas. For text references, you must provide author and page number(s), as example: (Karr, et al, p.57). For video references, you must provide video name with a minutes:seconds timestamp, as example: (The Future of Food: A Looming Crisis, 33:54) Outside-course citations may be used for extra points but will not be counted towards the three required. Do NOT cite Wikipedia in this assignment.

If the formatting is off when you copy and paste, no worries, as long as you have the word count, good grammar and correct spelling,  I won't delete points if the formatting is off (this occasionally happens when you copy and paste).  Be sure to read the rubric below to earn as many points as possible:

Your grading rubric is as follows:

15pts if met minimum 200-word minimum requirement

90pts lifestyle changes to support sustainability (30 each of 3)

30pts course material citations (10 each of 3)

The above scoring totals 135pts if just meeting minimum assignment requirements.  For those who want to earn the full 150pts possible:

10pts if providing a 4th lifestyle change

5pts if providing a 4th citation

Points will be deducted if necessary as follows:

-5 poor grammar

-10 typos/spelling errors


Title: Choices For A Better Future Sustainability
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Choices for a Better Future Sustainability

The world has undergone adverse changes in the environment that conceptually, people have to adjust to their responsibilities and lifestyle to survive. Therefore, we need to make critical choices to protect the future resources that would be used later by the next generation.

In the book, “Bring It Home,” personal choices can be made to make our world be more sustainable. First, I would create the awareness and conservation of resources. If people are aware of how to choose the appropriate energy source and use them precisely then, the world would be a better place in the future. Choosing the right source of heat, travelling, water usage and proper use of manufactured products is mandatory to every individual. However, it requires a lot of sacrifice for the awareness programs. Furthermore, financial resources are a constraint to implement it.


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