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Composition 6 Pages

Chinese Experiences In America From Late 19th Century To Mid 20th Century


Describe two contrasting attitudes/perceptions of Chinese people and culture commonly held among Americans at some time between the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. You may choose two attitudes that were simultaneously held by different groups or contrasting perceptions that prevailed before and after a major shift in attitude (or a shift between the negative and positive content of the image of the Chinese). Pay particular attention to  (a) what these attitudes were based upon, (b) how these attitudes manifested themselves in daily life, news. Mass media, fashion, intellectual life, etc., etc., whether attitudes toward other groups (Japanese, Native Americans, African Americans, etc.) mirrored attitudes toward the Chinese or were distinct from them, and (d) whether these attitudes are still present in original or evolved form today.


Title: Chinese Experiences In America From Late 19th Century To Mid 20th Century
Length: 6 pages (1785 Words)
Style: MLA


Chinese Experiences in America from Late 19th Century to Mid-20th Century

Chinese and other persons of Asian origin began arriving in America’s San Francisco as early as 1838. Huge numbers of Asian people, however, stormed into the country in the early 1850s. This huge influx of Asian people brought about both social and cultural diversities in the country and what led was a rather experience of racial discrimination and other civil injustices among thee minority groups. With majority of the Chinese immigrants in the country being peasant farmers, most of them wished to work hard and become wealthy whereby they would later return to their countries to help their families amidst the major political and economic crisis back in their home country. American's too were flocking in San Francisco too during the 1849 Gold rush, and thus they interacted with the Chinese immigrant’s often (Chung). To the Americans, the Chinese immigrants were viewed as being racially and culturally inferior for reasons only held by the Americans. While discrimination may have been present among all immigrants, to the Chinese, the degree of racial discrimination was rather stronger than that facing other immigrants.


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