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Childhood Obesity


Policy issue is childhood obesity. Please make sure paper is written on childhood obesity being the issue. Paper has to present a policy that I can introduce to a legislature. 


Title: Childhood Obesity
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Childhood Obesity Policy Issue

Childhood obesity has continued to prevail among the young population in the United States for years. This has, consequently, grown to be a matter of concern in the nation.  A research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more than 17% of the youthful population in the U.S. suffers from obesity. The research also shows that the rate of childhood obesity has become three times more than it was three decades ago (New & Cochran, 2006). Presently, the level individuals have been involved in physical activities has greatly reduced. In the past, there was no use of machines and a lot of physical activities were demanded from people. Moreover, long time ago, people consumed healthy foods with low-fat levels. The introduction of food with large quantities of fats which accumulate in the body subjects, in turn, people to a high risk of being obese. Obesity, thus, can be handled by giving medical caution to people and ensuring they have been involved in regular physical activities.


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